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VIDEO: Man Proposes To A Woman At A Funeral 

by Angela Omale

Love, love, love all over again. Indeed love makes people go crazy.

A video from an Instagram reel going round shows a man proposing to a woman. Some alleged it’s a pastor who happens to be officiating a funeral of a man proposing to his widow, while some state it’s actually the dead man’s daughter being proposed to by her boyfriend.

Despite whoever the couple may be, many viewers find it strange that a pastor or boyfriend would be proposing during a burial. It seems as if they were happy about the man’s demise and have no regards towards him. No matter how much we are in love there should be a limit and caution to how we display such emotions. There is a time and place for everything.

The place and names of the people in the video are unknown, but they can be identified as Africans.

Watch the full video below!

Watch this reel by tovaresgrey on Instagram

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