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Top Netflix Movies To Watch Out For in June 2022

by Gloria Chisimdi

Netflix never disappoints in giving back to back amazing movies. It’s been few weeks since “Stranger Things” season 4 was released on Netflix. I bet you’ve seen it and now waiting for the part 2 that will be out in early July.

However, Stranger Things is not the only movie that Netflix has to offer in June. Netflix has loads of movies to still keep you glued to your screen.

Out of all the movies that will be released in the remaining days of June, we’ve selected few to be on the lookout for. They promise to be entertaining, and interesting.

  1. Halftime – June 14th

Jennifer Lopez documentary called “Halftime” reflects her career and the spotlight pressure.

2. God’s Favorite Idiot – June 15

A mid-level Tech support employee falls in love with a co-worker exactly the same he became a messenger of God.

3. The Umbrella Academy season 3 – June 22

In this season 3, the Hagreeves faceoff with the Sparrow Academy.

4. Grey’s Anatomy season 18 – June 15

5. Glamor Girls (2022)- June 24

This Nollywood drama is a remake of the 1994 movie “Glamor Girls”. The story revolves around women who want to make it at any cost irrespective of shortcut.

6. The Man From Toronto (2022) – June 24

This is an action comedy featuring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

7. Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area – June 24

A Korean version of the Netflix’s “La Casa De Papel”.

Which of the movies are you anticipating the most?

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