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Thor: Love and Thunder, A Family Affair 

by Angela Omale

From an Instagram post and interview it was revealed that some of Marvel’s casts for Thor: Love and Thunder, had some family members star in the show.

Chris Hemsworth who plays the character of Thor in Marvel’s series, shared two photos of him and his eldest daughter India Rose on set, from 11years ago and recently. Stating; “She’s my favourite superhero.”  His other two children, 8-year-old twins Sascha and Tristan also appeared on the show, with Tristan as a younger version of the titular character while Sascha as one of the Asgardians kids. 

Marvel also confirmed that Natalie Portman’s children, Bale’s kids, and one of Waititi’s daughters are also featured in the film, turning the set into an unplanned family affair. The movie director Watiti told Marvel. “I really love the idea that my kids can look back on this moment and be like, oh wow, we were there. There’s a record of it.”

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