by Angela Omale

Sometime back in March the chicken republic security dancers known as the ‘Happie Boys’ were sacked from their job by the security agency that hired them, for dancing while on duty. This news raised a lot of reactions on social media with some condemning the actions of the boys while some bashed the security agency, as well as Chicken Republic.

After their dance video went viral, the ‘Happie Boys’ have been trending ever since. Just recently a social media post indicated that Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries had given the boys scholarships to study in a university in Cyprus. While many are excited for the boys, some wonder how they were able to encounter such speedy change and transformation within one month of loosing their jobs.

There are no specifics of the exact university the boys are attending and how they were able to get their visas and passports processed so fast. Some posts on Facebook claimed the individual who captured the boys dancing, happened to be their manager and had come out to state that the boys were rude and disrespectful towards him and he could no longer work with them. This makes you wonder if the viral dancing video was all staged and not by chance.

The Happie Boys Instagram account has also gained more followers than that of Chicken Republic showing the level of admiration for the them from the public. While some rejoice with the boys as they appear in photos looking flamboyant, others still remain a bit puzzled on the fast turn of events for the boys.

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