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Paul Pogba – Why I Hired A Witch Doctor

by Gloria Chisimdi

Juventus midfielder, Paul Pogba has admitted to hiring a witch doctor. The French International players said he had no intention of harming anyone.

While speaking to investigators working for France’s Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, he said he was “looking to be protected against injury” and “also to help poor kids in Africa” he was in connection with through an aid organisation.

Pogba’s confession comes after his brother Mathias, claimed ‘The Marabout’ who calls himself ‘Ibrahim the Great’ was paid to cast evil spells on Mbappé.

Mathias, and five other suspects have been charged with trying to blackmail Pogba out of more than £ 11 million.

Currently, they are on remand and are facing up to 20 years each in prison over a range of charges including “extortion in an organised gang”.

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