SeekHype » Nollywood: Kemi Adetiba Announces New Movie: “To Kill A Monkey”.

Nollywood: Kemi Adetiba Announces New Movie: “To Kill A Monkey”.

by Gloria Chisimdi
Kemi Adetiba’s “To kill a monkey”

Kemi Adetiba, the film maker has unveiled the first poster of her latest upcoming project “To kill a monkey”.

The “King of Boys” director took to her social media handles to make the announcement. She further revealed that the project which is the latest from KAV will be heading to the big screens soon.

“Bending to the threatening messages I’ve been receiving, I’m super excited to announce our next project and film from the KAV stables…”TO KILL A MONKEY”, Adetiba wrote on Instagram.

“Once again, I’m branching out and exploring something really different and pushing my creative limits, but I thoroughly believe in my spirit that this is my next challenge to conquer. I’m never been one to take the easy or clear route so this leap is as much exciting as it is scary.

“We’re looking forward to carrying you all along as we build yet another massive story and title, and create yet another platform where amazing actors and skilled crew can showcase their talent, pushed like you’ve never seen before. We’re so excited for this new journey. But most importantly, we’re most excited to share it (and our new movie-baby) with you. And with all that said and done… We look forward to seeing you all at the box-office.”

However, so little is known about the new project’s production or plot though the filmmaker announced “stay at home” auditions will commence soon.

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