SeekHype » Nokia 3310 Found in a Man Body (photos)

Nokia 3310 Found in a Man Body (photos)

by James

An unidentified man who swallowed Nokia 3310 phone had to be operated on by Doctors in Kosovo after the Nokia 3310 mobile phone had become lodged in his stomach.
Doctors in the city of Pristina Kosovo, operated on the 33-year-old man after the phone had been in his stomach for four days. The man put his life in danger because the device corrosive battery acid could have leaked into his stomach.
Skender Teljaku, who led the medical team, shared photos on Facebook of the phone after it was
removed, as well as X-ray and endoscope images while it was still inside.

There were ‘no complications, the doctor said. According to local media, the man took himself
to the hospital in Pristina after feeling pain from swallowing the object.

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