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Love Beyond Number, Time And Physique  

by Angela Omale

Love, love makes the world go round. Love is just something we can never stop feeling or talking about.

When it comes to love we hear that age isn’t a barrier and it is timeless. Blinding the eyes from physical appearance and leaving beauty to be determined by the beholder. Cases of people falling in love  in uncommon circumstances or with people in a totally different age bracket is no surprise in this age and time. 

Such is the case with the following couples who went beyond the normal and logical to be with the persons they love.

A 19 year old married a 39 year old woman 

Sometimes back photos of a young boy getting married to a lady 20 years older than him went viral on social media, attracting a lot of mixed reactions. They were no details of who and where the couple come from, just pictures to prove their commitment to be together and peculiar love.

Man finds love at 100

Another couple showed that love can find you at any time regardless of how old you are. A video from Afrimax Tv, showed a 100 year old man celebrating his love story  and speaking about how he stayed single waiting for the love of his life. He said he ate raw meat to stay healthy and is excited love didn’t pass him by, refusing to let go of the woman who helped him when he was drunk. They were joined together as husband and wife in a ceremony.

100 year old man marries 25 year old girlfriend 

In Ghana another uncommon marriage happened between a 100 year old skinny man and his girlfriend who was 25 years old. They both appeared very happy and loved up in pictures, though some suspect it might not be true love and the lady could have ulterior motives to marry a man way older than her.

Sometimes love is pure and sometimes bizarre. But can it also become wrong? A popular saying states that ‘age is but number when it comes to love’. But shouldn’t there be a limit to how blindly we let love lead? Should the heart always get what it wants even when it goes beyond the normal?

Love is beautiful as long as it does no harm and wrong.

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