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Justin Bieber Suffers Face Paralysis 

by Angela Omale

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, popularly known as JB.  Has been suffering from a certain health condition, caused by a virus known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which affects the nerves of his ears and face leaving him with a form of facial paralysis. On Friday the celebrity posted a video of himself on Instagram, showing his fans details on the paralysis affecting the right side of his face. 

This condition prevents him from being able to smile fully, blink or close his right eyes. It has made it frustrating for him to eat as well and unable to attend shows,hence the cancellation of his two concerts.

Charles Nduka, a consultant plastic reconstructive surgeon in Britain and the co-founder of health charity Facial Palsy UK, has updated fans that Justin Bieber is showing signs of making early recovery, after watching the singers video. Working with patients in the entertainment sector, he suggests that they should address issues weakening the immune system to prevent long term problems. This comes as a relief since the singer has been going through a lot in the past months.

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