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James Brown; Guy or Girl?

by Angela Omale

James Brown, aka ‘Princess of Africa, Duchess of London’ has stormed Instagram with photos of himself dressed as guy.

Gender identity is a personal conception of oneself as either male, female or rarely, both. A person’s gender identity may be the same as or different from the sex assigned at birth. While a person’s gender expression is how he or she publicly expresses or presents their gender; such as their behaviour, physical appearance, voice and use of pronouns.

Everyone has the freedom to choose how they express themselves and it’s evident James has actively chosen when and how he expresses his gender.
In some interviews and YouTube videos James Brown had stated, his gender identity and expression depended on his mood or feelings during a particular period, he also shared how he liked that he could control the identity he appears either masculine or feminine.

Some fans and followers have shared that they prefer the masculine James Brown. So, which of James Brown’s gender identity do you prefer?

Well, we hope the photos help you decide.

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