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Clean-Up The Emandes Way; A Youth Led Campaign

by Angela Omale

Emandes Social Development Network, a registered youth-led and youth-oriented NGO with the vision to promote a viable and inclusive democratic society through active citizenship.  Organized a one day sanitation and sensitization campaign on plastic waste management for a more sustainable environment.

The sanitation and sensitization started by 9am on Saturday, 23rd July at the popular Nyanya motor park in Abuja, with over 20 people in attendance as partners and volunteers. The sensitization was focused on how plastic wastes can be properly disposed to reduce its adverse effect on climate, the water system and recycled into new products like; shoe polish. It was also stated that the plastic wastes could be exchanged for cash at some specific points in Abuja, which are coordinated by ‘Waste For Africa’ and other organizations.

The environmental campaign which is the organization’s Climate Action project stirred from the International Plastic Bag Free Day, a United Nation’s ‘National Day’ was successful as the organizers were able to inform a lot of drivers, passengers and passers-by, while sim engaged in the sanitation and danced to the songs played.

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