SeekHype » Bloody Sunday: Catholic Church Turned Red! 

Bloody Sunday: Catholic Church Turned Red! 

by Angela Omale

A St Francis Catholic church in Owo local government area of Ondo state was attacked today, during an ongoing Pentecost Sunday mass with over 50 people dead and several injured.

The massacre of both young and old church worshippers in Owo, has left many shocked and confused as to the reason behind such attack. Videos on social media show scores of people gunned down in a pool of their blood within and outside the church premises. The priest of the Catholic church was also alleged to have been kidnapped at gun point.

The attackers who are unknown, were identified to be armed with guns and explosives. It is not known if the attack is either a political, religious or terrorist attack. The Pan Yoruba Socio-Political Group, Afenifere stated this attack was directed at the Yoruba race and Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for his unfliching support for security in Yoruba land. The secretary of the association Abagun Kole Omololu said; 

“This attack is to cause confusion and war into our land. We should not play into their hands.” 

Since the event has increased the religious and ethnic tension in the state and country.

The governor of Ondo State, Gov. Akeredolu expresses his shock and commitment to catch the attackers of the Catholic Church and increase security in the state. While the Christian Association Of Nigerian CAN has sent a message to President Buhari condemning the unprovoked attack.

“This is sad, wrong, condemnable, outrageous, unacceptable, and satanic. There is no explanation for this unprovoked attack and assault on a place of worship. This is raw persecution. These people are possessed, and demonic and are not working for the good of the country. May God descend heavily on them and fight them mindless agents of Satan from their roots in Jesus’ name,” CAN said.

The association also sends their condolences to the families of the victims, those injured and the state. Asking the President to stop the recycling of criminals and terrorists in the name of de-radicalising programme. As the rate of crime and insecurity increases in the country.

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