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#Blasphemy; Religious Fanaticism and Intolerance. 

by Angela Omale

A female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, named Deborah was beaten and burnt to death by a group of Muslim boys over an alleged blasphemy of one the Islamic prophets.

A video that went viral in earlier today, showed a group of young men beating and setting tyres on the body of Deborah. While rejoicing and showcasing the match box used to set the young lady ablaze. This event has raised a lot of condemnation on the act, with many arguments and attacks between some Christians and Muslims on twitter.

The issue of religious intolerance in Nigeria is no news, with a lot of religious conflicts happening over the years. It is saddening that humans feel the need to take matters into their hands, while fighting for a God who is considered to be supreme and almighty. 

Aisha Yesufu, Muslim News Nigeria and others have come out to condemn the action, seeking investigations on the perpetrators. A press release from the Sultan of Sokoto has also be published against this action.

For Nigeria to be better, we all need to look beyond our biases, religious sentiments, realize you can’t force people to have same beliefs but rather preach love and humanity. God is a supreme being and does not need to be fought for.

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