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Actress Ada Ameh’s Death Raises Concern For Mental Health Awareness

by Angela Omale

Ada Ameh was a Nigerian actress who was popularly known as Emu from a Nigerian Tv series called ‘The Johnson’s’. She was proclaimed dead after collapsing at a hospital in Warri on Sunday.

The news of her death, shocked her colleagues and fans. With many recounting that the actress was battling mental stress and had lost several of her family members, including her only child, which could have built up to her distress and death. In June 2022, she opened up about her mental health challenges.
Stating in a video on Instagram; “Everything is going to be fine. I have an issue right now, and it’s taking my life. I will not die. We will get over it.”

The issue of mental health is hardly talked about in Nigeria, with many people moving on despite the pressure they undergo, forced to conceal their pain like it’s normal. Leading to them breaking down and falling into depression.

With the news of some tragic events happening around and Ada Ameh’s death, people have increased concerns towards mental health awareness, for individuals to seek out help and take rest when necessary. Wazobia Fm Abuja, on Tuesday 19th July had a call-in show for people to send in words of encouragement and support for listeners that might be going through mental stress or depression.

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